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Fiberglass Backing Plate

Fiberglass Backing Plate

Fiberglass Backing Plate

Product name:Fiberglass Backing Plate



Type:T27(Flat) ,T29(Convex)

Material:  Fiberglass fabric impregnated with phenolic resin

Washer: 1 or 2 or as requirement

Packing: Firstly it is packed with plastic bag,then it will be put into durable carton box.At last a certain number of boxes will be put to wooden pallets orderly.

Thickness: 2.4mm-3.5mm(Tolerance:±0.3mm)

Inner diameter: 16.3mm,22.3mm(Tolerance:±0.15mm)

Outer diameter: 75mm,85mm,90mm,95mm,105(107)mm,115(117)mm,140mm,170mm, 178mm

Applications: Used as the backing pads of Flap Disc,Mop Disc and Flap Wheel.


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